Boom Racing Complete Front Assembled BRX90 Portal PHAT™ Axle

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  • This is a complete front assembled BRX90 portal PHAT™ axle set.

    This is a high-performance, heavy-duty axle designed for scale truck project builds. The modular design makes it suitable for different project builds, and the width of the BRX90 axle makes it perfect for any standard 1/10 project rigs.

    Packed with many desirable features; a heavy-weighted cast alloy axle housing for low CG, link setup or leaf spring over and under axle setup, chassis-mounted or servo-on-axle setup, front tie-rod or behind-the-axle steering setup, detachable aluminum CNC truss, adjustable caster angle, and more.

    It uses top-quality drivetrain components that are heavy-duty and efficient, including a set of heavy-duty steel triangular keyed AR44 axle gears (30/8T) and a pair of BADASS™ steel universal drive shafts for ultimate strength, performance, and durability.

    The portal gearbox is designed with four heavy-duty steel gears each for strength and durability. The portal spindle rotates in the same direction as the driveshafts; the axle can fit directly into many standard drivetrain setups without changing the rotational direction of the drivelines.

    Includes black color XT diff cover and black color third member unit (fits Reverse AR44 Helical Cut Bevel Gear for running Counter Rotating Center Drive Shafts usually used in the rear axle).

    • Width: 188.3mm / 7.41" pin-to-pin (BRX90 portal front and rear axles have the same widths)
    • Requires 44mm / 1.73" wheel barrel clearance (to clear the entire portal gearbox)
    • Portal gearbox ratio: 1:1
    • Weight: 321.8g
    • Portal Gearbox Size:
      • Width: 23.5mm
      • Height: 30.5mm (21.5mm above shaft / 9mm below)


    • Additional 15mm / 0.59" ground clearance at the pumpkin over BRX90 straight axle
    • CNC aluminum portal knuckle & cover
    • BADASS™ heavy-duty steel front universal driveshafts and portal driveshafts for ultimate durability, performance, and strength for the axle drivetrain
    • Four heavy-duty hardened steel metal gears in each portal gearbox for ultimate durability, plus easy to set up to standard drivetrains
    • Cast PHAT™ axle housing - strong, durable, and heavy which keeps the CG low
    • Anti-twist steel brackets (0 deg) for added axle strength (optional 10 deg +ve caster available)
    • Reversible ring gear position in the housing and optional reversed AR44 gear for counter-rotating center drivetrain setup
    • Triangular keyed AR44 (30/8T) high pinion gear & input shaft (optional overdrive and underdrive gears available)
    • Chassis Mounted Servo (CMS) and servo-on-axle setup
    • CNC aluminum truss included for 3-Link and 4-Link setup
    • Detachable knuckle lever for front tie-rod or behind-the-axle steering setup
    • Leaf spring over and under the axle housing
    • Compatible with PHAT™ axle brake disc and caliper (requires optional adapter #BRPT005)
    • Adjustable caster angle for additional steering adjustability (requires 10 deg anti-twist steel brackets #BRPT004+10)
    • High steering angle - over 45 degrees
    • Removable third member for 6x6 / 8x8 pass-thru option
    • Third member high pinion angle for better clearance
    • Counter rotation stainless steel steering link for quick adjustments
    • Full rubber sealed bearings
    • Full 12.9-grade hardware

    • 2x CNC Aluminum Portal Knuckle #BRPT002
    • 2x CNC Aluminum Portal Cover #BRPT003
    • 2x BADASS Universal Portal Driveshaft #BRPT9022A
    • 2x BADASS Portal Shaft Spindle #BRPT007
    • 4x Hardened Steel Gear 20T #BRPT008
    • 4x Hardened Steel Gear 16T #BRPT008
    • 2x Anti-Twist (0 Deg) Steel Bracket (Left & Right) #BRPT004
    • 1x Cast Alloy PHAT Axle Housing #BRLC7024
    • 1x Cast Alloy XT Pumpkin Diff Cover #BRLC7088
    • 1x AR44 30/8T Triangular Keyed Hardened Steel Gear Set (Ring/Pinion Gear + Spool) #BR955020
    • 2x CNC Aluminum C-Hub (Left & Right) #BRD9011
    • 2x CNC Aluminum Knuckle Arm (Left & Right) #BRLC7002ARM
    • 1x CNC Aluminum Truss #BRLC7004
    • 2x CNC Aluminum Link Mount #BRLC7005
    • 1x Stainless Steel Tie Rod #BRLC7003
    • 1x Stainless Steel Adjustable Steering Link #BRLC7050
    • 4x KUDU Nylon Rod Ends #BRW750306A (18.5mm)
    • 4x Stainless Steel Pivot Balls #BRW750300
    • 4x Brass Bushing #BRLC7022A
    • 1x M3 Nyloc #BRASNUTM3
    • 2x M2.5 Nut #BRASNUTM25
    • 22x Full Rubber Ball Bearings
    • 4x Washer
    • 5x Spacer D5X8X0.1 #BRASSPD5801
    • 2x E-Clip #BRASEC30
    • Full 12.9 Grade Screws

    You will need:
    • For Axle Mounted Servo setup, the optional aluminum servo mount is needed.
    • For the Chassis Mounted Servo setup, a panhard link is needed (as almost every car has a different setup, we leave this part up to you).
    • For Leaf Spring setup, leaf spring channel may or may not be needed depending on your setup. Leafs can be mounted directly on top and under the axle.

    When you receive the axle:

    Make sure to grease up the axle set. You can fill up the empty space with diff grease surrounding the bevel gear and input shaft.

    The gear positions are factory setup and should be ready to go. Rotate the drivetrain by hand for physical inspection.

    Install spacers accordingly between the center driveshaft and the input shaft to prevent input shaft from unnecessary slop.

    To setup this BRX70 front axle similar to the BRX01 stock axles, these two parts are:

    • Steel Leaf Spring Channel w/ Shock Mount for BRX70/BRX80/BRX90 Axle (2) BRLC7010
    • Aluminum Knuckle Arm (Low Profile) for BRX70/BRX80/BRX90 Knuckle (2) BRLC7002/B

    Optional Parts:

    Replacement Parts:

  • Color: Black
  • Package total weight: 382.00 grams (incl. packaging)
  • Package size: 9.00 x 24.00 x 8.00cm
  • Factory description: Boom Racing Complete Front Assembled Portal Axle for BRX90
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BRPT9022