N2R Aluminum Steering Bell Cranks for Element Enduro IFS

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After we fixed the wonky steering geometry of the Element IFS with our N2R steering rack, we couldn't resist taking a crack at the bell cranks.  Our N2R Aluminum Steering Bell Cranks for the Element Enduro IFS provide added strength and, when combined with our N2R steering rack, virtually eliminate play in the steering.

Package includes:

  • 1x left bell crank
  • 1x right bell crank

N2R steering rack is sold separately and can be found here:



Installation notes:

  • Start by removing front skid plate.  Save skid and all 4 screws for reinstallation later.
  • Unscrew steering rack from bellcranks.  Save the M3x14 BHCS screws and hat bushings for reinstallation of steering rack.  If you are using the N2R Steering Rack, you will not need the washers when reinstalling the N2R steering rack onto the N2R Bell Cranks.
  • Unscrew the bell cranks from the servo mount plate and save the M3x6 FHCS mounting screws.
  • Remove the servo link from the right side bell crank and save the stock M3x16 BHCS screw.
  • Unscrew the M3x6 BHCS bearing retainer screws from the steering posts.
  • Transfer bearings and steering posts from the stock bell cranks to the N2R bell cranks.
  • Reinsert M3x6 BHCS bearing retainer screws using thread lock.
  • Attach N2R bell cranks to servo mount plate using stock M3x6 FHCS screws ensuring that the top of the steering posts is seated properly in the hex-shaped inset under the servo plate.  Be sure to use thread lock to secure the screws going into the steering posts.
  • Attach servo link to right side bell crank using the stock M3x16mm BHCS screw with thread lock.  Note that due to the lower profile of the N2R aluminum bell crank arm, there will be several mm of exposed thread between the N2R bell crank and the servo mount plate.  This is normal and will not affect operation.  If you prefer, you can substitute a shorter M3x14 screw for the stock M3x16 screw.
  • Attach steering rack (N2R or stock) to N2R bell cranks using stock M3x14 BHCS screws and hat bushings.  If you are using the N2R steering rack, do NOT use the stock washers when attaching the steering rack.
  • Reinstall skid plate.

For additional information, see the Element IFS Conversion manual here:


 *Fits IFS1 only.