V1W X1: Builder's Chassis (Raw Aluminum) with braces

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V1W X1 Chassis Bundle

The V1W-X1 Chassis is designed for class 1. The frame and cross braces are constructed from 2mm 6061 Aluminum. The cross braces fit thought the frame and are secured with 3x6mm screws with m3 Lock nuts. The construction incorporates some 3D printed parts for spacers, standoffs and cosmetic parts. The horizontal facing tabs can be used to mount beds or other accessories to the frame by substituting a 6mm spacer and longer screws for attachment.

Frame Assembly: The frame is designed to bend around the braces allowing the front and rear of the chassis to be narrower than the center optimizing the shock angles and tire clearance. If you are skilled with Welding or Brazing Aluminum, you can also Weld the cross Members and trim the screw tabs off.

What you receive:
Aluminum Parts: V1W-X1 Frame Pair, Front Dual Servo Mount, Pan Hard Mount, Front Shock Hoops, 2x Mount Bracket and plate, Rear Shock Hoops, Rear Bed, 2x Center Frame Brace

Hardware: 12 - 3x6mm CAP, 3 - 3x15mm CAP, 10 - 3x6mm Button, 16 - 3x8mm Button, 4 - 3x16mm Button, 4 - 3x25mm Button, 25 - M3 Lock Nuts

Printed Parts (Black PLA+): Pan Hard Brace/Spacer, 6 - 7mm Spacers/ Shock Standoffs, Battery Tray
Note: All STL files for printed parts (Brace, Skids, Spacers, Sliders etc.) are free with your purchase and can be downloaded after checkout.

Note: The Skid Bolt Pattern is Standard Axial Spacing and can use some of the Vader, TGH and other OEM Skids

Servo mount
: The double servo mount can be used in both the front and rear of the chassis allowing for 4WS and mounting of a rear servo winch.

Link Length Suggestions (See Instructions)
Note: The front axle should be configured to one of three link lengths using the rear (w/spacer), center, or front (w/spacer) of the Pan Mount.

Custom links can be ordered from D-Links through: rcaddict.us

Skid Bolt Pattern: Skids are available for the following transmissions (additional available upon request)
Blank (drill your own), Axial 3 Gear, Element Stealth, Vanquish VFD (VPS10152), Delux Cheeseburger, TGH Transfer Case, Gen-8 Transmission and Transfer Case, TGH 2 Low

Optional Forward motor mount/gear reduction: We provide you with the Mount/Brace, Hardware, and Housing. You must source the follow parts from an Axial Capra Transmission and a 78T Kimbro Spur gear or Axial 87T. Axial Parts: Bearings (8x16x5mm (AXA1225), 15x21x4mm (AXA1243), 2 - 5x10x4mm (AXA1218), Pin M2.5x10mm (AXA1218), Top Shaft (AXI232013), Gears (AXI232012 & AXI232012), Outputs (AXI232014 & AXI232014), 3 - M2x6mm (AXI31642), M4 Nylock Nut (AX31250)

Due to the nature of 3D printing, items may contain tiny visual blemishes. Items may require some trimming and painting for optimal visual appeal/fit; similar to what you would expect to do with model parts.


IMPORTANT: Do not use power drivers on 3D printed parts. Over tightening printed parts and cause premature cracking and crushing. Always ensure you hardware will not bottom out in the screw pocket. This can also cause at 3D printed part to break prematurely.


Printed Parts - These parts will be printed in Black (Unless otherwise requested) using advances slicing methods for maximum strength. All 3D printed parts come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. If you break a part, simply send us a photo and your order number. The photo is simply to evaluate for common issues and help identify potential improvements to existing designs.

Contact us @ Sales@spare-timehobbies.com or PM us @ Spare-Time Hobbies on Face Book.