N2R High Clearance Skid for HPI Venture

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We love the HPI Venture, but let's be honest. It hangs on everything. But don't worry...we're here to help. Our updated N2R High Clearance Skid for HPI Venture gets rid of that unsightly and inconvenient hump under the stock skid, improving ground clearance by over 3mm and allowing the skid to, well, skid! This bolt-on replacement for the stock skid is printed in high-strength nylon and does not require any additional modifications to work.

Package includes:

1x skid
10x M3 washers
1x M3x20 BHCS

Installation notes

Reuse all 4 stock M3x10mm FH screws to attach transfer case to skid
Reuse 4x M3x15mm BHCS screws from stock lower link mounts to attach BowHouse skid at center chassis mount locations instead of stock M3x18mm BHCS screws
Reuse 4x stock M3x18mm BHCS taken from center chassis mount locations to attach lower links to new skid
Reuse 2x M3x20mm BHCS for rear upper links
Switch front upper link to M3x20mm BHCS
Use M3 washers or shims as needed to eliminate play at link mounts
If using BowHouse RC Low CG Battery Tray, use 2x M3x25mm or longer screws at center rear screws through chassis (not supplied)