D-Links Installation Instructions

We at D-Links strive our best to offer the highest quality links possible. That being said, here are some installation tips.
Typically, on most trucks, start with the longest links.  The longest links will be the rear lowers, then the next shortest will be the rear uppers (see High Clearance instructions for which direction).  The next shortest links will be front lowers, then front upper.  That will leave a panhard if your truck had one.  Steering links should be fairly easy to identify at this point.
Not all trucks can accommodate high clearance links due to front motor mounts and things of that nature. High clearance links involve bent lowers and bent uppers on most trucks in order to not hit or bind up.
When installing the high clearance links, you will want the shorter end of your lower links towards the axle, and shorter end of your upper links towards the skid or transmission. This will ensure that the links won’t hit on compression or flex.
If your high clearance links appear to be “flopping” around, then twist the rod on one slightly past center. This will take the flop out with out binding up the links.
We use a Traxxas 5347 rod end as that is most readily available at nearly any hobby shop for replacement and it’s been tested to be very strong and long lasting. These rod ends are sometimes narrower the a stock rod ball. You may need to put a couple small washer in the link mount so there isn’t slop. For instance, the Element has a wider gap on the skid for it’s links, you need 2 or 3 small washers to remove the side to side slop at the skid. The axle has enough flex in the mount that it isn’t needed on the axle side.
You may need to adjust your pan-hard link by twisting the rod end on side slightly to allow proper clearance on your truck depending on the brand and style you have.
As always, we strive for the highest quality and best customer service. Please feel free to contact us if you have issues with your D-Links product. We offer a full lifetime warranty on our links and skids.