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1/24th Tribute - Mini Monster Truck Wheel Set

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The Tribute mini monster truck wheel by JConcepts packs an assortment of options into a design and style that mimics the golden age of Monster Truck racing. With a list of design considerations, the team went to work on a simple and durable one-piece wheel design that was first, stout and second, versatile. It was important to incorporate a cylindrical wheel with stepped portion for authenticity and inner ribbing surrounding the hex for compatibility and strength.  


While the 1/24th monsters begin to take-off and build within the industry, the 7mm hex is the standard on vehicles such as the Axial SCX24 platform. The wheels include open and closed planetary caps which attach with micro style screws. The planetary caps in solid form support a scale look and the open caps offer a quick-change racer function to suit individual needs. Vehicles in this genre use very small wheel nuts to hold the wheels to the vehicle, JConcepts has included a plastic wrench to help reach hard to get wheel nuts within the Tribute wheels. Each wrench color matches the wheels and planetary accessories in the package.


Also, included in each package, JConcepts has included slide-in mock bead-lock rings (can also be glued into place) which can also be decorated, painted, or dyed to the user’s specifications. The Tribute wheels for the mini monsters pack a serious punch at an affordable price, packed with features. The wheels are available in white, black, and gray colors to match any color scheme or realistic build. Step up with the ultimate in looks, performance and versatility with the Tribute wheels by JConcepts – World Proven Innovation and Design.



  • One-piece design, 4 pieces included per package
  • Durable design and material
  • Closed and open planetary caps included
  • Planetary cap installation hardware
  • Injection molded wrench for deep access
  • Available in white, black, and gray colors
  • Monster style and performance