2-in-1 Lipo Battery Voltage Tester Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm Battery Capacity Indicator Monitor for 1-8s Battery

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Not merely a battery indicator:
The battery capacity meter is applied to indicate the battery voltage, also helpful to remind you of low voltage with a loud alarm, effective protect your battery from overcharging or over discharging.

Widely Applicable:
The battery tester is suitable for 1s-8s battery to test the working state of the battery, and automatically protect against reverse connection.

Voltage detection precision: within 0.01 V.
Voltage display range: 0.5~4.5 V
Total voltage display range: 0.5~36 V
1S test mode voltage range: 3.7~30 V
Low voltage alarm mode: 2-8 S
Alarm set value range: OFF~2.7~3.8 V

Warm note:
When the voltage is lower than the alarm value, it will always ring. When the measured battery is unplugged, the alarm will stop.
  • compact and lightweight to store and carry anywhere
  • Application: the digital battery meter is designed to test the voltage of 1s-8s batteries, support automatic protection against reverse connection for a longer service life of battery
  • 2-in-1 Design: this battery tester is a combination with a low voltage alarm and a battery capacity indicator, making you aware of the working state of your battery anytime to prevent overcharging or over discharging
  • Low voltage alarm: the battery monitor checker will keep buzzing with when the voltage is below the set value; Pre-set value is 3.3 V, and you can change and save the voltage settings through the black button between 2 black electric horns
  • Display mode: the battery indicator is with a clear led display, from which you can clearly read the value of battery cell voltages, total voltages, lowest cell voltage, and remaining battery capacity