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Bane mask Covid-19 Corona Mask print service

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This is not our design. Its meerly a print service of a free file from  https://www.coronavirusmakers.org/  We are just offering this as a service for those with no printers who want this style.  You will have to supply your own straps and filter.  You can easily make a 98% effect filter from a HEPA furnace filter.  One furnace filter will make many mask filters.  Use 2 layers for best results.

Printed in Black PLA and the tubes printed in Silver PLA.  You will have to glue it together yourself and provide you own straps and filters.  This is meerly a print service.

This 3D model has not been approved by any regulatory agency and has not passed any laboratory tests. It is a prototype designed by LAFACTORIA3D (a Spain-based company), presented among many other works in the CORONAVIRUSMAKERS community, created with the aim of providing emergency protective material to medical professionals who need it, given the current global shortage of supplies. It is not intended to replace any homologated mask, but to provide minimal protection. We cannot guarantee its operation, so use it at your own risk.

Please, read the assembly instructions, as well as important security information: