Boom Racing 30/8T Reverse HD Steel Triangular Keyed Bevel Helical Cut Diff Gear w/ Spool Set for BRX70 Axle for BRX01

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  • This is a HD steel reversed cut helical triangular keyed gear set made for the rear axle of BRX01.

    Hardened steel 30T/8T helical bevel gear and input shaft and differential locker (spool) set.

    Suitable for counter rotating drivetrain with opposite spinning direction center driveshafts.


    • Hardened steel gears for maximum strength and durability, increased weight in the axle
    • Keyed spool to increase structural strength and to eliminate weakness of the three M2.5 screws
    • Tight tolerance of the diff locker and the axle shaft
    • Tight tolerance of the bevel gear and input shaft to increase efficiency in the drivetrain


    • 1x Reverse Cut Triangular Keyed HD Steel Bevel Gear 30T
    • 1x Reverse Cut HD Steel Input Shaft 8T
    • 1x Keyed HD Steel Differential Locker (Spool)
    • 3x M2.5 hardware

    Will fit:
    Boom Racing BRX70 PHAT Axle Housing (Note: must be black color Third Member which fits reverse axle gear, red color Third Member will not fit).

    Will not fit stock AR44 axle housing.

    Replacement parts:
    30T Main Gear
    8T Input Shaft

  • Product total weight: 38.00 grams
  • Factory description: Boom Racing BRX01 Heavy Duty Reversed Keyed Bevel Helical Gear 30/8T Set + Differential Locker Spool Set for BRX70 Axle
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BRLC7039