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Flysky GT3B voltage regulator

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One of the main reasons Flysky can offer a radio at such a low price, is by using very common and inexpensive parts. Not that this a bad thing, but they are usually outdated and inefficient. A prime example of this is the voltage regulator Flysky uses. The stock voltage regulator drops the 12 volts from the batteries down to a constant 5 volts that the radio needs to function properly. However, they use a form of a linear regulator, which converts the voltage into heat...and heat is simply a form of energy. Not only is this heat causing the battery to drain faster, but Flysky doesn't include any heat sinking for the VR (to keep the costs down) and without heating the VR gets rather warm when the radio is used for a long period of time, or when the AA pack is swapped out for a 3s LiPo battery. The higher temperatures can cause premature failure of the VR and has the potential of creating the dangers that come with heat in its user's hands'.

The new Voltage Regulator is a extremely efficient breed of voltage regulators, called a switching regulator. Basically, instead of converting voltage into heat, it rapidly switches power on and off to create a lower constant voltage. The regulator we offer runs at about 90% efficiency; What does this mean?
  • Almost DOUBLES the run time the stock radio has
  • Cool operating tempatures
  • Have the option to run any voltage between 6.5 and 34 volts!
    • So, if running 2s LiPo, make sure to set the low voltage alarm to slighly above 6.5 volts. Anything below 6.5 volts the voltage reading will be inaccurate and the radio will start sending skewed information to the rx.
    • We don't recommended running more than a 3s...but the new vr does support higher voltage