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FlySky GT3C wireless charge option

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This nifty little wireless charging insert was designed specifically to use with the GT3C radio.

The pad fits in the battery tray and allows you to charge with wireless charging station (sold separately).

This will require you to open your radio and make 2 small cuts for wire routing.

You will receive:

1 charge pad with wires
1 PRCW Sticker
1 instruction sheet for installation

PRCW lifetime guarantees the pad against manufacture defects or wire breakage.

*NOTE: PRCW and RCA are not responsible for battery or radio damage.  This product has been tested, but it is a DIY project and we can not be held responsible if you damage your radio making the mods.  It is highly recommend that you do not leave your radio unattended while charging as it is LI-ION battery in these just like a cell phone, it could get hot and swell.  And its just smart to watch it.*