G13 PRO direct-power servo.

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 Introducing the G13 PRO direct-powered brushless servo!

In April 2018, 3BrothersRC released our first product — the G13 — a 672oz direct-powered brushless servo. Offering solid performance at a great price, the G13 helped put 3BrothersRC on the map. Today we are excited to continue delivering on both performance and value with the introduction of the G13 PRO — a direct-powered brushless servo that boasts 1000oz of torque for only $99!

That’s right, the G13 PRO servo provides up to 1000oz of power for under $100. On a 2s lipo, the G13 PRO produces almost 600oz of power. These are certified specs from actual battery voltages. Of course the G13 PRO comes with our standard 1-year warranty and is fully waterproof.

All G13 Pro's come with a 3s and 4s no-solder connector.