Killerbody Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm Pre-Painted 1/10 Touring Car Body (Blue)

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The Killerbody Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm Pre-Painted 1/10 Touring Car Body, is a scale optional touring car body intended for RC drift or rally car chassis with a 257mm wheelbase and 190-200mm width. Using a 200mm chassis will allow for a more "stanced" look, while the 190mm chassis will give a more tucked look. This body is pre-cut and pre-painted with factory installed grill, side mirrors and windshield wipers. Decals are also preinstalled for easy of use and setup. The body post holes have not been cut allowing for mounting on multiple chassis, as well as optional magnetic body mounts. Package includes one pre-painted blue body set.

Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm

  • Great option for drift or rally vehicles
  • Fits vehicles with a 257mm wheelbase and a 190-200mm width (depending on fitment preference)
  • Pre-cut, painted and assembled for ease of use
  • Allows the use of optional magnetic body mounts
  • Fits a variety of chassis
Wheelbase: 257mm
Width: 190-200mm
Color: Blue