Mag Power quick connecter for body mounted lights

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This is a specially designed magnetic power plug. It's intended to create and hold the +, -, s wires together allowing you to easily mount and unmount your RC body without having to plug and unplug your lights from the receiver. This also allows you to setup a more detailed interior without worrying about wires.

Tools Needed

Electrical Tape

Exact O Knife/Razor

Wire Cutters

Wire Stripper

Small Zip Tie

Kit Contains:

2x print parts

6x 8x1mm magnet

6x 1 3/4in copper strips to secure the magnet

2x Velcro 1/2in long


Magnet Installation:

1)Use and Exact O Knife to lightly trim the inside of the circles of the magnets don’t slide right in place.

2) Use 1x 1 3/4in piece of copper tape to secure the magnet in place. Make sure you feed the copper tape through the slot at the top of the magnet. Repeat this step 5 times until all the magnets are secure.

Installing the wires:

1) Use the 3/4in pieces of copper tape to secure your power, signal, and negative wire to the terminal. Strip your wire about 10mm long and fold the excess over the copper tape to create a stronger bond.
2) Once you have your wires secured, you can use 1x zip tie to secure the chassis side wire to the body post, 3mm hole on the printed part, or other location. This is to prevent the wire from pulling out.


The plates should attach to the body/frame in a manor where they will make contact when the body is places on or removed. The printed part is 1mm thick to allow some flex for a better connection. The use of Velcro on the body and a ridged mount on the chassis will allow for body side to move slightly for the most optimal connection.


Example: I used the incognito mount on the chassis side and the Velcro on the body side.


This item is 3D printed. Due to the nature of 3D FDM printing this item
may contain tiny visual blemishes and may require some trimming and
detail painting for optimal visual appeal/fit. Similar to what you would expect to do with model parts. These blemishes in no way affect the functionality of the part. 3D printed items are susceptible to heat and may warp if left in direct sunlight. This can easily be corrected with a hair dryer or light heat gun use. Care should be taken to not leave in hot cars or direct sunlight. A coat of paint will help with this.