ProTek RC 3S 35C Supreme Power LiPo Battery (11.1V/2200mAh)

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This is the ProTek R/C "Supreme Power" 3S 2200mAh, 35C Lithium Polymer battery pack. This lightweight 35C Li-Poly battery pack was developed specifically as a high quality power source for the ProTek Blue Flame engine heater (PTK-4050). Plus, this light weight battery pack delivers true 35C discharge and 2200mAh capacity, and features a T-Style connector installed on 12awg wire for an ultra low resistance connection, with a 4-pin XH type balance connector, making it an excellent option for compatible helicopters and airplanes!


Unlike most other Lithium Polymer batteries, these batteries can be charged at up to 2 times the rated current, or 2C! If your charger is capable, you can charge these batteries at 4.4A!




Battery Model Supreme Power 35C
Blue Flame (PTK-4050)
Type Lithium Polymer
Capacity 2200mAh
Voltage 11.1V nominal
Connector Type
Balance Connector
4-Pin XH
Number of Cells 3 Cell
Configuration 3S1P
Dimensions (WxLxH) 34.8 x 110 x 23mm
Maximum Charge Rate 2C (4.4A)
Continuous Discharge 35C (77A)
Watt Hour
Weight 179g


  • (1) ProTek R/C Battery w/T-Style Lead