Radio Holster for RCs

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Do you despise wearing a lanyard around your neck to use the "Hand of God”? What about finding that right spot on the rock or trail? Don't worry about that anymore. My holster quickly secures the controller for the hand of God moments or while you’re taking a break.

There are 2 levels of retention- The first is light, meant for quick moments. The2nd level encloses the controller for a solid, locked in fit.

This holster fits Traxxas, Spectrum C and R series Radios, Flysky and any other pistol style radio base under 3.5" at its widest point.

Velcro is included for the bottom of your controller. You place it where it works best.


Will it fit my controller? The answer is at this time, if it is under 3.5 in which takes care of most Traxxas, ECX, and Spectrum controllers, you're good to go.

Do I need to wear a belt with this? The answer is yes, you do need to wear a belt. The belt clip is adjustable for your with. It is initially set at one and a half inches and will accommodate up to 2" belt widths. It will accommodate as small as .5" width.

What colors are available? The standard color is Carbon Fiber black. I will make it in flat black, OD green, Red, orange, lime green, Carbon fiber purple, and blue, but it must be requested and note it may be communicated that lead time is extended.

I make every one of these by hand. Please understand there will be a week or so lead time.