RF Wireless Remote Controller for Lights

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RF Wireless Remote Controller Mini Dimmer System for RC lighting.

Please be sure if ordering with a light set that if you would like us to install it before sending to contact us.

Power side is labeled & LED side is Labeled EACH LIGHT BAR REQUIRES ITS OWN REMOTE. HEADLIGHTS AND LIGHTBAR can be wired together. but if your using more then 1 light bar then each needs its own remote module. Your remote will function both so no worries.

Instructions for RF Wireless Remote

1. Turn On/ Standby

Press this key to turn on unit or switch to standby mode. Unit will turn on and restore to previous status at powering on moment.

2. Lighting mode

Switch to lighting mode from dynamic mode.

3/8/9. Dimmer Adjust Shortcuts

Switch to 100%, 50%, or 25% brightness lighting mode.

4/6. Dynamic Mode Adjust

Switch to dynamic mode from lighting mode, or switch between different dynamic modes.

5/7. Speed Adjust

Adjust playing speed of dynamic modes. Press SPEED+ to increase seed and press SPEED- to decrease.

10/11. Brightness Adjust (Dimmer)

Adjust lighting mode brightness. Press BRIGHT+ to increase brightness and press BRIGHT- to decrease.

Functions for RF Wireless Remote

1). Dimmer & Dynamic

2). 8 Dynamic Effects

3). 10-level Dimmer

4). 256-Grade PWM

5). Speed Adjustable

6). Card Type Remote

7). Ultra Slim Design

8). Smooth Dimmer Effect

9). 1 to 1 Remote Paired

10).Auto Save Function

Installing for RF Wireless Remote

1. Power Supply

This unit accepts DC 5V to 24V power supply. The red cable should be connected to positive and black cable to negative. Please select proper power supply according to the LED application.

2. LED Output

The red cable should be connected to LED positive and black cable to negative. The peak output current is 12A, please reduce load if main unit is overheating.

CAUTION! Do not short circuit the LED output, this may lead to permanent damage!

3.Remote Control

Please pull out the insulate part before using. The RF wireless remote signal can pass through barrier, so it's not necessary to aim at the main unit when operate. For proper receiving remote signal, do not install the main unit in closed metal parts.

The remote battery is 3V CR2025 type


Dynamic mode

8 modes

Dynamic speed level

10 levels

Lighting brightness level

10 levels

PWM grade

256 grades

Smooth dimmer effect


Working voltage

DC 5~24V

Output current

peak 12A

Remote control mode

RF Wireless

Remote frequency


Remote distance

>15m at open area

Package Content

1PCS RF Wireless Remote Controller Mini Dimmer includes Battery

Check this video out.