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RS100 High Torque/Speed Micro Servo Winch

* As of April 2nd 2023, the RS100 has been upgraded! With a new motor and gears, it now has even more power, lower amp draw, and now with a magnetic angle sensor for superior brake/hold!

• Comes with our custom Cnc aluminum micro spool

• Winch controller built in, no controller needed.

• Water Resistant with 7 point O-ring seal.


Operating Voltage: 5v - 8.4v

 Torque                                Speed

6v- 152oz/ 11kg                0.09 @ 6v

7.4v- 175oz/ 12.7kg          0.07 @ 7.4v

8.4v- 197oz/ 14.2kg          0.06 @ 8.4v


Spooling Speed:
8.4v - 2.6 seconds per foot
7.4v - 3.2 seconds per foot

Full Cnc Aluminum Case

Hardened Steel Gears

Magnetic Angle Sensor

High Quality Motor

Spline: 25T 4.9mm Micro

Voltage: 5v-8.4v

Wire Length: 185mm

Weight: .70 oz

Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 26mm


* Spool is capable of holding 6ft of winch line

*Does not work as steering servo

*200# Winch Line, Hook, and Adapter Plate available separately


Warranty: 6 Month