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RS400 Low Profile Winch

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RS400 Low Profile Winch

Our RS400 Low profile winch is for those looking for killer speed, power, and precision brake/hold! This is one of the fastest and strongest low profile winches on the market, with up to 450oz and 0.05 Speed! With our built-in winch controller and direct power, you no longer need to spend extra money on a controller or Bec to get the full performance out of our winch unlike others. Using our industry leading 5 gear geartrain, and magnetic angle sensor, the RS400 has incredible brake/hold technology, durability, and super smooth actuation!


Operating Voltage: 8.4v - 16.8v


215oz @ 8.4v 0.09 @ 8.4V

330oz @ 12.6v 0.06 @ 12.6V

450oz @ 16.8v 0.05 @ 16.8V

Spooling Speed:
8.4v - 3.5 seconds per foot
12.6v - 2.4 seconds per foot
16.8v - 1.8 seconds per foot

*Winch line and hook not included

•Comes with standard size winch spool

•IP66 Water Resistant, Not Submarine

•Hardened Stainless Steel Gears

•11 Point O-ring seals

•Cnc Aluminum Case

•High Quality Magnetic Angle Sensor

•25T Spline

•Weight 64g

•Size: 40* 20* 26mm

Warranty: 1 year