Scales Trail Course Gate Markers

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These great scale gate markers are perfect for any club or event that wants that little extra touch of class. You can get them made in a variety of colors and with your clubs logo on it if you want. These are 2 inch square metal signs. They are printed directly on the metal. Slightly smaller then a scale street sign, but perfect for course markers. These are sold by the gate, each gate includes 2 signs, 2 aluminum posts, and 2 cones. Select the number of gate you want, then hit add to cart. Most comps use 10 gates total, but we know some clubs prefer more. If you want different colors, then select a quantity and color and add to bag, then select the next color and quantity and add to bag and so on. The cones are 3d printed. Standard is Orange cone for drivers side and yellow cone for passenger side. Green cones for start. For custom logo, please indicate, there is a $25 one time setup fee for custom logo. Then email the logo to and include your order #.