Team Raffee Co. Aluminum Double Spring Shocks 90mm (2) for Crawlers Black

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  • Extremely hard anodized aluminum. Stronger and lighter than equivalent standard cast or billet machined part.
  • The Team Raffee Co. shocks are effective and functions well for 1/10 crawlers and trucks. Oil-filled and smooth with its simplistic design.

    Aluminum body
    Adjustable coil over shocks
    Includes soft/medium/hard spring set
    High degree of articulation

    You will need:
    Shock Oil
  • Color: Black
  • Product total weight: 39.00 grams
  • Factory description: Team Raffee Co. Aluminum Double Spring Shock 90mm (2)
  • Manufactured by Team Raffee Co.
  • Manufacturer number: BRQ90333-90