The Dragon - High Power, No Creep, Relay Winch Controller

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Put a little fire behind in your winch!

No creep relay winch controller.

These relay style winch controllers utilize a 5amp relay rated for up to 30volts direct battery input.
They are designed to not creep.  Either on or off.
They have female JST plug for connecting to the winch.
The Battery side is male JST plug and includes a female wile to solder on to your battery end of choice or choose optional passthru connector or no solder connector from PRCW.

The No solder connector the plugs right into your balance port on your lipo battery.

These are sealed and coated with liquid electrical tape for extreme water resistance.

For better protection and mounting options, check out the Dragon Cage.

Lifetime Manufacture Guarantee.  Contact Sales team for an RMA to send in for repair or replace.

*The chip that controls the relay can handle max 6volt input from the receiver (if you run high voltage on your receiver or BEC then get the optional inline voltage regulator.)*

 **Please note we have reports of glitching when used with a Savox servo.  This glitching goes away if you use a voltage regulator.  The Savox just pulls too many amp for proper operation without the voltage regulator.**

*WARNING: These have no power limits and can destroy your winch if not used properly. Follow all setup procedures and use caution. Check your winch manufacture specs before use, we are not responsible for damaged winch motors.

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