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The Raptor - High Power Digital Winch Controller

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​The Raptor winch controller is a digital controller capable of up to 4s battery input. Provides speed and control in a tiny package. 

Measuring just 1 inch by .5 inch and weighing only 10 grams.  It's easy to hid nearly anywhere on your rig and still give plenty of power to pull you out any situation when paired with one of our famous Hang Of God servo winches.

Fully Lifetime guaranteed.  

The side of the Raptor that has the servo leads is also the battery input.
Side connection that is by itself goes to the winch.
If you reverse those you will fry the controller rendering it unless.
Take care to connect it the correct way.

This will also work with our current line of battery pass thru and no solder balance port style connectors.