1:12 TYPE82E Kommandeurwagen Beetle

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KdF-Wagen, known as the people's car,primarily offered to senior officers, uses a KdF Wagen body on the exact the same chassis as the Kübelwagen, a rear-mounted, rear-drive chassis with a limited-slip differential.

Learn more about its features:

1.Four-wheel independent suspension

2.Rear portal axles

3.Front and rear axle planetary gear differentials

4.Perfect restoration of Air-cooled horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine

5.130 motor in the cylinder

6.Cooling fan driven by belt

7.The third channel for the two-speed transmission controls

8.The fourth channel for switch between 4WD-RWD Mode

9.Servo Operated Synchronized Steering Wheel and Front Wheels

10.Openable doors with spring loaded latch

11.Realistic fabric soft rubber seats

12.Openable front storage compartment hatch

13.Openable Engine hatch 14.Excellent light function