1:18 Toyota FJ Cruiser

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The all-new FMS 1:18 Cruiser perfectly captures essence of the original design of Land Cruiser design while boldly evolved to a new style of "Be Pioneer, Go Adventure" style.


FMS 1:18 Cruiser, as an officially licensed detailed scale replica, also represents a strengthened  off-road vehicle with splendid realistic details, from widened wheel-brows on both sides, right waders, to heavy-duty front wading bumper; from hard-shell body with classic yellow and white paint scheme, full-scale interior cockpit, center console and seats, to the scale luggage rack and three front wipers, footrests, etc.


Cruiser, as FMS always did, demonstrated impressed LED lighting function by adopting the most detailed features with all transparent lights equipped and scale linkage-function light controls delicately embodied, including headlights, turn signals and reverse lights. Barely no other cars can compete with Cruiser in reserving light controls for search lights on the bumper, the fog lights on both sides and the turn signals on the rearview mirror.


A feature-packed trail-proven chassis drives the Cruiser. Aluminum rails provide a rigid platform while a multilink geometry with panhard bar chassis design allows for maximum axle articulation.Power is delivered from the super high-torque gearbox to ultra grippy beadlock tires via nylon driveshafts.We are proud to announce that Cruiser’s wheels can match all tires of the same scale, making it easy for players to DIY.


Power-packed  electronics consists of independent servo, 2-in-1 receiver/ESC, 050 motor and 7.4V 380mAh battery; Allowing for high power-to-weight ratio and all weather operations.


FMS 1:18 Cruiser, see the difference and bring it home.


  1. Injection-molded hard body  
  2. Functional hood
  3. Scale interior features
  4. Multifunctional light control system ( CH3 for on/off and functional indicators)
  5. High traction M/T tire with 1.0 inch internal bead lock wheel  
  6. Realistic pinion & ring gear axle
  7. High torque transmission with 104:1 FDL  
  8. High torque over-sized 55T brushed motor  
  9. 7.4V 2S Lipo battery providing up to 30 minute run time.  
  10. Chassis- mounted servo
  11. Aluminum frame rails
  12. Tuned coil shocks