2S 8000 MAH 100C LIPO

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With the introduction of the Associated DR10 drag racer, no-prep street eliminator drag racing has become all the rage.  Our new 2S 8000 100C hard case Lipo is the perfect pack for your street eliminator or any other 2S or 4S application where performance, run time and packaging are critical.  Based on the same cells used in our popular 4S 8000 100C pack, this 2S pack will keep coming back for more.  So go on now...don't get caught napping under the tree without one!

Typical capacity (mAh): 8000
Typical Voltage (V): 7.4
Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 139.8 x 47.8 x 25.5
Approx Weight (±15g): 360g (with wires)
Continuous Discharge Current: 100C (800A)
Burst Discharge Current: 200C (1600A)
Recommended Charge Rate: 2C

*Actual run time will vary based on rig setup.
***Battery pack performance typically improves after initial use. We recommend going through 5 charge/discharge cycles before the battery is considered "broken in".

Please note, batteries can only be shipped inside the USA.