Adjustable mock up links for setting up custom builds

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These were designed to help with figuring custom link lengths for ordering D-Links from our site.

You can order custom links from D-Links -

The adjustable builders link is designed to make it easy to center your axles in the body while building your latest crawler. The links are designed to use TRAXXAS rod end (5347) with M4x10 Set Screws and 16, 3x10 BHS. (not included, sold separately) You will need 16 rod ends and M4 Set Screws if you intend to build the entire tuck then fabricate your links.

TIP: Build with dummy shock (Rigid Links) that simulate your shock fully compressed or use your shocks fully compressed without springs and a rubber band to keep them compressed to account for clearances at maximum downward suspension travel.
(I've included a Printable simulated AE shock fully compressed)

The best course of action is to build your chassis and mount your body as you would have it sit on the chassis. Using the Adjustable links, install the front axle first ensuring the wheels are centered in the wheel well and the axle is clocked properly. Use M3 BHS to lock the link in place. Once your front axle placement is good, remove and measure your links eye to eye on the rod end. When cutting or ordering custom links; the eye-to-eye measurement will allow D-Links to make the proper link length because they will subtract the length of the rod end from their cut.

If you are making your own links, subtract 35mm from the eye-to-eye length to get your rod length if you are using M4 Set screws in the link. If you are using all thread or threaded link ends, subtract 24mm from the eye-to-eye measurement for your cut.

Panhard link: Due to the required size of the adjustable links, using the kit for the panhard is often not possible. In that instance if the axle allows for it, set it up in a 4 link configuration with your shock fully compressed and measure from the PH axle side to the PH Chassis side.