Axial Capra: Front Winch Mount v2 (Full or Micro)

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We introduce to to you the new and improved Capra Servo Winch Mount. The mount replaces the front clip on the cage providing a location for you to mount your Full-Size (Internally Spooled) or Micro (Like the Reefs 99 External Spool) Servo Winch. We included an adapter plate and required hardware.

These are professional produced in Black Nylon 12.

What you get: 1 - Winch Mount, 1 - Micro Bracket, 1 - Fairlead (Plastic), 6 - M3x10, 2 - M3x6, 4 - M2x6

Note: The roof winch guide is now only available in the body panel section. 

Here’s a little video of the front winch mount in action. We also show you how the roof hooks can help you get off your lid!

Optional Products That Work Great with this Mount

Precision RC Aluminum Fairlead 

Precision RC H.O.G. Internally Spooled Winch

Precision RC Winch Hook

Reefs RC 99 Micro Servo Winch

Boom Racing Muscle Winch

IMPORTANT: Do not use power drivers on 3D printed parts. Over tightening printed parts and cause premature cracking and crushing. Always ensure you hardware will not bottom out in the screw pocket. This can also cause at 3D printed part to break prematurely.