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Axial Capra: Front Winch Mount for Internal Spool Servo Winch

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This winch mount is designed to allow use of an internal spool winch. Direct fit,  no truck modification necessary. It also braces the front end and makes it stiffer. Built ready for the Precision RC Works aluminum fairlead. It was tested with a Hand Of God standard internal winch. 

1 - Bracket in your color choice
2 - m3x10mm screws (to replace stock screws where servo sits)
1 - 6mm insert (for string guide)
1 - m2.5x6mm screw (to hold spacer)

You must add your own screws for the winch, your own winch, and your own fairlead.  Reuse the kit screws and headlights where appropriate.

It should be noted that at full compression the servo and winch will touch. This does not affect the truck or the winches performance. Side to side articulation is still achieved and rarely will your truck achieve full straight down front compression unless running a droop setup. We have eliminated as much of the touch as possible with this design but it still loses about 3mm of straight down travel. 

*Includes our lifetime limited warranty against print defects!*

 NOTE: This item is 3D printed. Due to the nature of 3D FDM printing this item may contain tiny visual blemishes and may require some trimming and detail painting for optimal visual appeal/fit. Similar to what you would expect to do with model parts. These blemishes in no way affect the functionality of the part.