Axial Bomber: Servo Winch Mount

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This plate bolts into the front of the axial bomber and has mounting tabs for a servo winch and lead to run the string thru. Allow KMS free spool winch to be activated they the left side with ease.


This item is 3D printed. Due to the nature of 3D FDM printing this item
may contain tiny visual blemishes and may require some trimming and
detail painting for optimal visual appeal/fit. Similar to what you would
expect to do with model parts. These blemishes in no way affect the
functionality of the part. 3D printed items are susceptible to heat and
may warp if left in direct sunlight. This can easily be corrected with
a hair dryer or light heat gun use. Care should be taken to not leave
in hot cars or direct sunlight. A coat of paint will help with this.