Boom Racing BADASS™ Heavy Duty Steel Center Drive Shaft 41-44mm (Pin to Pin) 1Pc [Recon G6 Certified]

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  • This is a BADASS™ heavy duty steel universal Center Drive Shaft (or Driveline) for crawlers and trucks.

    BADASS™ is a product line Boom Racing developed to represent ultra durability and strength, using the highest quality material for RC parts.

    Grub screw pin taps into the driveshaft. The red collar rings are not threaded and are for scale looks.

    Washers and spacers are provided to shim the input and output shafts that are especially needed for high pinion bevel gears.

    The female shafts are splined all the way through.

    • High grade alloy steel
    • Lightweight and ultra hard steel for strength and durability
    • Input/Output hole side: 5mm
    • High degree articulation (no binding)
    • Beefed up joints with press-fit design for ultra durability
    • Long-lasting and tested against metal fatigue
    • Splined all the way though (Male and Female)
    • Realistic scale looks
    • Adjustable length: 45-48mm (41-44mm pin-to-pin)

    • BADASS HD Steel CVD Center Driveshaft (1Pc)
    • Aluminum CNC collars (with scale bolts) X2
    • Aluminum CNC collars (low profile) X2
    • M3 set screw pin (2pcs)
    • Washer 0.5mm (2pcs)
    • Spacer 1mm (2pcs)
    • Spacer 2mm (2pcs)
    • Spacer 3mm (2pcs)
  • Color: Black
  • Product total weight: 31.00 grams
  • Factory description: Boom Racing BADASS™ Heavy Duty Center Drive Shaft 41MM-44MM (Pin to Pin) 1Pc
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BRBD955003H