Boom Racing Heavy Duty Keyed Bevel Helical Overdrive Gear 24/8T + Differential Locker Set for BRX70/BRX80/BRX90 PHAT & AR44/AR45 Axles

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  • Introducing the strongest AR44/AR45 axle gears to date: Keyed Overdrive 24/8T HD Helical Bevel Gears + Differential Locker Set for AR44/AR45 housings #BR955040.

    The SCX10 II stock axle gears are known to be a weak point in the housing. After releasing the popular Keyed 27/8T Overdrive Hardened Steel Gears, some of you guys wanted even more overdrive. So YOU asked, and we listened!

    Here is the new heavy-duty overdrive 24/8T helical bevel gear & diff locker set.
    Designed for the AR44/AR45/Capra Currie F9 Axle Housing, Boom Racing AR44 PHAT Axle Housing, or the BRX70/BRX80/BRX90 PHAT Axles.

    Use this gear to improve the performance of your crawler. Run them in the front axle for a faster wheel speed in the front tires. Overdrive gears help to steer in sharp turns like how a dig does and climbing by pulling forward the rear end.

    Overdrive gears create faster wheel speed to help steering and climbing
    Hardened steel gears for maximum strength and durability
    Keyed spool to increase structural strength and to eliminate the weakness of the M2 screws
    Tight tolerance of the diff locker and the axle shaft
    Tight tolerance of the bevel gear and input shaft to increase efficiency in the drivetrain

    Boom Racing BRX70 PHAT Axle
    Boom Racing BRX80 PHAT Axle
    Boom Racing BRX90 PHAT Axle
    Boom Racing PHAT AR44 Axle (BR955015)
    Axial AR44 Axle
    Axial AR45 Axle
    Axial Currie F9 Portal Axle

    1x Keyed Heavy Duty Bevel Gear 27T
    1x Heavy Duty Input Shaft 8T
    1x Keyed Differential Locker (Spool)
    3x M2 hardware
    4x 1mm washer

    Replaces the following stock Axial parts:
    AX-31404- AR44 Differential Locker
    AX-31405 - Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set 30T/8T

    This product will only fit one axle housing.

    Replacements are available:
    Diff Lock Spool

  • Package total weight: 36.00 grams (incl. packaging)
  • Factory description: Boom Racing Heavy Duty Keyed Bevel Helical Overdrive Gear 24/8T + Differential Locker Set for BRX70/BRX90/AR44 Axles
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BR955040