Boom Racing HUSTLER M/T Xtreme 2.2" RR Rock Racing Tires Snail Slime Compound w/ 2-Stage (Open/Closed) Foams 5.5"x2.0" (139x51mm) Super Soft 2pcs

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  • Since the HUSTLER tire came out in April 2017, Boom Racing have had tremendous success with the 1.9" HUSTLER series. Many people mentioned how amazing the HUSTLER perform out on the trails. In a short span of a year, many have won races and events running the HUSTLER tire around the world.

    The proven HUSTLER tread pattern provides a ton of traction on all surfaces. Sand, mud and rocks.

    Unmatched performance in extreme situations, such as deep mud, jagged rocks and rough trails. It is designed to self-clean and release mud or foreign objects much easier to assist in maintaining traction.

    SNAIL SLIME rubber compound is super soft and super sticky to produce better grip on rough terrains.

    Tire sidewalls are reinforced to prevent damage and maintain profile for racing. Performance Dual Stage foams come standard for the best performance for rock crawling and racing.

    Boom Racing follows up with the release of the 2.2" HUSTLER tire for all Rock Racers out there! Very similar tread pattern with BIG improvements on lugs and siping. Same super soft and sticky Snail Slime compound and high performance 2-stage open/closed foams for a well protected sidewall. Once again Boom Racing offers the crawling community the best value for money tire with 2-stage foam combo.

    Features of 2.2" HUSTLER RR:

    •  Aggressive tread pattern to grab onto anything!
    • Super soft and super sticky proprietary SNAIL SLIME compound
    • High performance 2-stage open/closed cell foams to protect beads and sidewalls
    • 2-Stage foams protect beads = longer lasting tire rubber
    • Additional sips for debris to escape center lugs
    • Sidewalls will hook onto rocks like gangbusters
    • Reinforced tire carcass all around
    • Well made beads = super easy to install


    Height 5.5"
    Width 2.0"

    Outer 5.4"/2.0"
    Inner 3.8"/1.5"

    Dual stage foams available separately here.

  • Product total weight: 350.00 grams
  • Package size: 15.00 x 30.00 x 6.00cm
  • Factory description: Boom Racing HUSTLER M/T Xtreme 2.2" Rock Racing Tires (Snail Slime Compound) w/ 2-Stage Foams 5.5"x2.0" (139x51mm)
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BRTR22001