JConcepts: Bounty Hunters - 1.9 - 3.93" O.D. - Scale Country

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Fits – 1.9” wheel

Class 1 tire
100mm | 3.93” overall size without insert

Includes medium, spiked open cell insert

The scale truck community has a new Class 1 tire option in the Bounty Hunter from JConcepts. Performing outside the normal constraints, the Bounty Hunter tire boasts a dual angular and mirrored center lug combination. The tight group tread with squiggle cuts and carved out sections conform to hard surfaces for driving speed and low rolling resistance. The professional tire has a spread of lugs that provides forward grip for steady climbs and knit sections for great scale looks.

The sidewall of the tire has built-in puzzle sections, notched, and matched up to the center section to steady the side-bite and pitch traction. Placed into the side, a JC detail has been added for decoration but also spaced to continue momentum in tricky situations. The sculptured side-lug and incised grooves align to form a flat carcass giving the tire a scale and high performing spirit. The lower sidewall features radial ribs and vertical hatching to maintain space in a tight squeeze.

The flexibility of the green compound combined with the lug arrangement gives the tire a grippy feel but still maintains that all important scale and performance look. The 3.93” overall height provides plenty of ground clearance for Class 1 competition. An abundance of terrain looks up to the bossed side-wall logos which read with beauty and balance. The tires include a medium, spiked open cell foam insert capable of standing up to the super soft compound but flexible enough for sharp terrain. Do not skip out, the Bounty Hunters by JConcepts will eventually get you. 



  • Class 1, tight carcass, 1:1 inspired
  • Dual angular and mirrored center lug combination
  • 100mm | 3.93” overall size without insert
  • Grouped tread with squiggle cuts and curvature
  • Sculptured side-lug and incised grooves
  • Super Soft, Green compound
  • Radial sidewall ribs and vertical hatching
  • Includes medium, spiked open cell insert