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CBE Fab Shock Key

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THE CBE SHOCK KEYS is to give the driver the ability to adjust the
suspension while on the trail without removing any bolts. This product
is directed at the SCX10 market although it can be used for other
applications. The innovative design allows either a lift or droop setup
to be used. One or dual shocks can be used for this setup, with a total
of 7 different holes for shock mounting. The driver can simply loosen 2
bolts to also adjust between 3 different heights. It can be utilized
with the panhandle side either facing the front or rear. This gives you
21 lift or 21 droop configurations. Most importantly the SHOCK KEYS add a
new level of stability while the vehicle is flexed, its something we
have come to call FLEXSTABILITY. Now you Can Mount Your Shocks At
Different Angles INCLUDES: Four Shock Keys made from stainless steel