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Defender D90 2-Door 1/10 Hard Body Kit with interior - non opening doors

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  • Material: ABS
    Long Wheelbase: 280mm  Width: 207mm

    • Hard Plastic (white):
      • Main body;
      • Parts Set: Front light frame; Front & Rear light bucket; Front grill; Oilcan
      • Front window frame;
    • Hard Plastic (black):
      • Cockpit base;
      • Seat 4pcs;
      • Bumper (front & rear);
      • Door trim panel (right & left);
      • Dashboard (Right);
      • Parts Set: Wing mirror; Steering wheel; Wiper; Oilcan base; Doorknob; Gear lever; Wing mirror lenses; Number plate light cover
    • Polycarbonate (lexan):
      • PC transparent windshield: Side rear window (right & left); Sunroof window; Rear window & Headlight lenses (painted)
      • PC transparent front window windshield;
      • Painted light lenses (hard polycarbonate):
      • Red/Orange foglight; Brake light; Turn light (front & rear & left & right)
    • Black stainless steel radiator grill;
    • Body decal sheet;
    • Overspray film/Window masks;
    • Silver mirror decal;
    • Expoxy logo badge;
    • Screw bag;
    • Instruction sheet
  • This item replaced these previous versions:
  • Package total weight: 1660.00 grams (incl. packaging)
  • Package size: 24.00 x 48.00 x 20.00cm
  • Factory description: Team Raffee Co. Defender D90 1/10 Hard Plastic Body Kit W/ Interior DIY Version
  • Manufactured by Team Raffee Co.
  • Manufacturer number: TRC/LR001