Element Enduro12: SOA Mount (Stock Servo)

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The Servo On Axle (SOA) mount is is cut from 2.5mm Stainless Steel for added weight on the front axle. The SOA mount bolts to the axle truss on the front side of the axle unlike the stock plastic mount which mounts on the back side of the axle truss. Use the provided M2.5x10 with locknuts to secure the SOA to the Axle. Mount the Servo to the SOA with 4 - M3x10 and 4 M3 Nylock.

What you get:
1 - 2.5mm thick Stainless Steel SOA Mount, 4 - M2.5x10 Button, 4 - m2.5 Nylock, 4 - m3x10 Button, 4 - M3 Nylock.

Element Enduro12

Modifications Required:

SOA Stock Servo: (No Mod Required)
Note: Stock servo is an odd sized servo. Verify dimension of your servo before ordering. We researched many popular brands of mini servos, we have identified that "mini" servo dimensions very greatly between brands. Below are a few we know fit the stock mount.We will add more as we find them.
Known Fitment: Stock Element Servo, SAVOX Mini Servo SV-1250MG, Spektrum A5080 MT/HS Mini

Our mount opening is 36.5mm wide, mounting holes are 8mm on the ears and 43.5mm from hole to hole wide.


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