Element RC Enduro Rock Sliders with body capture

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Element RC Enduro Sendero/Trailwalker Rock Sliders
Steel Frame-mounted Rock Sliders w/ Optional Add-Ons (Shown in pictures) take the place of the stock plastic skid plates.
The receiver box and ESC will either need to be relocated or attached to our skid plates option, which we highly recommend. 

ALL NEW Body Capture Bar Option available! Our Body Capture Bar supports the lexan body for full protection to help keep the body from caving in or tearing! (All pictures depict this option- a solid rod behind the main Rock Slider Bar with enough space for the body to fit between the two)

* 165mm length x 55mm offset (Cab-only option for Sendero available HERE if eliminating the stock rear bed- length of sliders in rear is shortened)
* Built in front and rear link riser mounts
* Mounts using existing holes in frame (hardware not included)
* Steel construction - Hand Made/Welded.