Forward Mount Transmission Cradle for SCX10 II

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This is the front mount transmission cradle for the Axial SCX10 II kit so you can install the motor, transmission, and transfer case in your Axial SCX10-II (SCX10-2) in a forward-facing orientation rather than facing backwards. In addition to looking much better, the forward-facing orientation helps add forward weight bias for better traction on steep climbs.  We include one side plate spacer for better clearance if you run the stock side plate with molded-in receiver box.  For a complete, bolt-on solution, you will also need the BowHouse RC SCX10 II HD battery tray. You will also need to change driveshaft lengths. The kit has all of the parts needed to adjust stock driveshaft lengths. In front, we used AX31114 parts 5 and 7 for the female ends and the male middle piece that had a part number 3 with no tree number in our kit. In the rear, we used AX31114 5 and 6 for the female ends and AX 31397 for the male (originally from the front).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This cradle is for the transmission included in the Cherokee XJ kit and UMG10 versions of the SCX10 II and does NOT work with the 3-gear transmissions included in the Scale Builders Kit and other RTR versions of the SCX10 II.