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Helios RC - 2S 5200 mAh 50c Lipo hard case

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This is the perfect pack for your scale trail truck, basher rig or any 2S application where long run times are a priority. Whether you run an SCX-10, Ascender, TRX-4, TF2, Slash, get the picture. Toss one of these in and get ready for an action-packed afternoon.

Typical capacity (mAh): 5200
Typical Voltage (V): 7.4
Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 139.8 x 47.8 x 25.5
Approx Weight (±15g): 308.0 (with wires) / 289 (without wires)
Continuous Discharge Current: 50C (260A)
Burst Discharge Current: 100C (520A)
Recommended Charge Rate: 2C

*Actual run time will vary based on rig setup.
***Battery pack performance typically improves after initial use. We recommend going through 5 charge/discharge cycles before the battery is considered "broken in".

Please note, batteries can only be shipped inside the USA.