Hood Hinge Mount Set for Mojave and Hilux

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Our Hood Hinge Mount Set for Mojave and Hilux is a great solution for opening the hood on your Toyota pickup build.  Our set is designed to use the hood hinges for the RC4WD Blazer body (Z-S1564, which you must supply).  We include a structural radiator support that you can use to attach the grill securely in place, along with a cowl support with outer mounting points for the stock windshield and dashboard.  You will need to supply and install your choice of magnets/latches to keep the hood closed while driving and a hood prop to keep the hood open for display purposes.


Structural radiator support allows secure grill attachment even if you cut away lower front fenders and valance
Cowl support includes outer mounts for windshield and dash to replace molded-in mounts that need to be cut off when opening hood
Compatible with RC4WD and n00b inner fenders (may require some trimming to clear inner fender bracket)
What's included:

1x radiator support
L and R inner fender brackets with hinge mounts
1x cowl support
Underhood brace with hinge mounts
4x Flat Head Tapping Screw 1.6 X 6mm
4x Button Head Self Tapping Screws M3 X 8mm

You will need to supply RC4WD Chevrolet Blazer Functional Hood and Tailgate Hardware (Z-S1564) found here: https://store.rcaddict.us/products/rc4wd-chevrolet-blazer-hood-tailgate-hardware
The kit does not include magnets or a hood prop.  You will need to supply those and drill holes as needed to locate them where you choose.
Like all 3D printed parts, some finishing work will be necessary to achieve smooth surface textures.
For more information about installation, please see our build threads on Scale Builder's Guild and RCCrawler: