Incognito Body Mount: for Traxxas TRX4 (81mm rear high)

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Incognito mounts remove those unsightly body clips from your build. Giving a cleaner more scale look. They use heavy duty pro grade velcro to mount the body to the body posts and hold quite well. You normally have to lift the truck a few inches by the body and then shake to get the velcro to release. They will hold under normal driving and comp situations. They can come loose if you tumble down a hillside though, but lets face it, you probably have other problems if that happens.

This is the Incognito Body Mount for use on your stock body posts.
These are measured center of body post hole to center of body post hole. Stock is 71mm front and 81mm rear.

You get one 3d printed mount, 2x 2x12mm cap screws with hex 1.5mm drive and heavy duty velcro.

For a complete set you need two of the proper length body mounts. Please measure your body posts center to center for proper fitment.

For Example:

Purchase 1 71mm front mount and 1 81mm rear mount for stock body mounting. Purchase 2 51mm mounts if you are using the 51mm low mounts front and rear.

This item is 3D printed. Due to the nature of 3D FDM printing this item
may contain tiny visual blemishes and may require some trimming and
detail painting for optimal visual appeal/fit. Similar to what you would
expect to do with model parts. These blemishes in no way affect the
functionality of the part. 3D printed items are susceptible to heat and
may warp if left in direct sunlight. This can easily be corrected with
a hair dryer or light heat gun use. Care should be taken to not leave
in hot cars or direct sunlight. A coat of paint will help with this.