JConcepts – Dragon 2.6″ mud truck wheel 12mm Hex Wheel w/ Adaptors

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JConcepts New Release – Dragon 2.6″ 12mm Hex Wheel w/ Adaptors

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JConcepts has designed and produced a very special wheel for unique vehicle performance. The 2.6” Dragon wheel is a first of its kind, a purpose built 12mm hex mega truck wheel which fits the (#3155) Fling King tires to perfection. The Dragon’s were used in concept and in conjunction with a fully licensed version of the 1:1 scale King Sling. The team worked together to build the ultimate mud runner, and succeeded.

The goal of scale size was achieved and built around a 2.6” mounting bead diameter. The width was matched to line-up perfectly with the Fling King tires and the constraints of the wheel were underway. Like other monster wheels by JConcepts, a bolt-in hub adaptor was created to match a huge variety of trucks while also offering different overall widths to choose from. The bead of the wheel features a 3 step surface which provides a massive amount of area for glue to rest giving the utmost security for full-throttle mud runs.

The Dragon wheel includes an incredible, four, off-set 12mm wheel adaptors. 11mm width for a stock Clod Buster or retro type Monster Truck width, 18mm for increased stability on vehicles such as the Stampede, Stampede 4×4, Rustler, Slash 4×4. The 25mm adaptor works well for monster truck racing and the Axial SMT10 and a newly designed 32mm for maximum ground pounding width. The adaptors are installed with 6 x 2.5 x 12mm screws and centers precisely on the wheel for positive engagement.

The wheels include pre-cut polycarbonate discs which attach with 6 x 2 x 4mm screws and can be painted to match any scheme or mud runner. The wheel discs add a scale look and utilize a clever design not seen in this segment of RC. Also included is a pair of steel, serrated, 4mm thin pattern lock-nuts for greater security. The Dragon wheels are available in black and feature a slight matte finish but with the addition of the polycarbonate disc, can easily be detailed to be outrageous.

Step up with the ultimate in looks, performance and versatility with the Dragon 2.6” wheels by JConcepts – World Proven Innovation and Design.

· One-piece, 2.6” mounting bead diameter
· Durable, stepped design and material
· 3 step bead surface for massive glue security
· Includes multiple off-set wheel adaptors
· Pre-cut polycarbonate wheel discs
· Complete installation hardware
· Mega style and performance

Dragon – 2.6″ mega truck wheel w/ adaptors, discs – (black) – 2pc.
Part# 3379B
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Retail price – $28.00
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(Fits – #3155 Fling Kings 2.6” tire)