MG968 (Digital Titanium gear high torque for giant airplane)

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Digital Titanium gear servo, coreless motor, Alloy casing in the middle.
MG968 is best choice if you need higher torque than 24KG.
Excellent performance for RC-cars 6th scale truggy and monster and 60cc 120cc airplane.


Weight: 65g
Dimension: 40x20x39mm
Stall torque: (4.8V); (6.0V)
Operating speed: 0.16sec/60degreeb (4.8V); 0.13sec/60degree (6.0V)
Operating voltage: 4.8V~ 6.6V
Gear Type: Metal gear
Double ball bearing
Motor type: Coreless motor
Servo case: alloy case in the middle
Temperature range: 0- 55deg
Servo Plug: JR (Fits JR and Futaba)
servo wire length: 32cm
servo arms &screws included and fit with Futaba servo arm