MOO-Kleen, Cleaner & Degreaser

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MOO-Kleen, Electronic Safe Cleaner & Degreaser:

We have developed a product that is 100% Electronics Safe and super effective in removing hard to get to dirt and grime. The electronics in your RC are one of most expensive and important components. You want… No, you NEED a solid product that keeps those parts and components Kleen without prematurely aging or drying plastics and seals. Time is not always our friend and we may not have time to remove the electronics in order to fully clean in those hard to reach spaces. That's why CowRC has developed this powerful multi purposed cleaning solution. Electronics, Greased or oiled parts, we got you!

  • Low flash point fast evaporating cleaner and degreaser
  • R/C safe formula outperforms and outlasts the competition
  • Effectively remove grease, oil, dirt, and other contaminants
  • Electric, nitro, and gas maintenance in one effective formula
  • Will not weaken electric circuits, contacts, and insulations
  • This product provides superb water displacement which stops corrosion and malfunction due to water penetration.
  • After run application protects pins, shafts, and bearings
  • Reduce regular maintenance and increase durability
  • Available within the Continental United States only
  • Ultra slow product saving dump rate
  • extremely fast evaporation rate.

Please Note: By law MOO-Kleen ships UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Select within the Continental United States & Canada ONLY!