N2R High Clearance Skid for Traxxas TRX-4 v2

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This is the updated version of our popular N2R High Clearance Skid for the Traxxas TRX-4.  We have gained 4mm of additional ground clearance compared to the stock skid in critical areas, and we have created smoother surfaces with better angles for sliding over roots and rocks with ease.  V2 is printed in ultra strong, ultra high resolution nylon.

Package includes:

  • 1x skid
  • 1x M3x8 FHCS
  • 2x M3X16 BHCS
  • 1x M3x8 BHCS
  • 2x M3x30 BHCS


Installation notes

  • Reuse stock hardware in stock locations EXCEPT as follows:
    • (a) use M3x8 FHCS under front of skid to attach transmission (replaces stock M3x10 BHCS)
    • (b) use M3x16 BHCS to attach front lower links (replaces stock M3x15 BHCS)
    • (c) use M3x8 BHCS to attach right rear of transmission (replaces stock M3x10 BHCS)
    • (d) use M3x30 BHCS to attach rear upper links (replaces stock M3x25 BHCS)
  • Completely remove side tray on right side before installing N2R skid
  • Install front upper link in N2R skid BEFORE securing the skid to the chassis with the remaining 6 screws.
  • Make sure the front upper link screw is properly aligned with the receiving hole in the skid opposite the chassis rail before tightening the front upper link screw all the way.
  • Tighten all screws by hand and be careful not to overtighten.  Use of power drivers may result in stripping out screw holes in the N2R skid.