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NSDRC In-Line Power Connections - XT30 to Single Jst Connection

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In-Line connectors, the plug and play option for powering your direct power electronics!

For those who use the balance plug connectors or don't want to have to solder, we have a our In-line jst connections. These connections simply plug between your esc and battery, giving full power to the jst plug. You no longer need to unplug both the battery and your balance plug, now just one plug and done! We offer these in XT30, XT60, XT90, Dean's, IC5, IC3, EC5, and Traxxas connectors! We have single JST, and Dual JST, These are super compact and convenient!! ( IC5 and EC5 are cross compatible, so if you have EC5 plugs, our IC5 connectors will work for them)

A direct power servo has 2 plugs. One is a regular receiver plug with signal and ground, the other is a female jst plug with ground and power. The receiver plug still goes to the receiver, and the female jst plug will connect to your power source. Now you just choose whether you want to use a solder connection, which is a male jst plug with power and ground that are bare wires on the end that you solder to your esc power wires. The other option is our In-Line connectors, which are a male and female end of which ever plug type you choose which will plug in between your battery and esc plugs, it has a jst plug connected that your servo will plug into for power.