Ossum Kayak 1:10 scale

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This is a 1:10 scale 3d printed white water kayak by Ossum Designs.  It's 3d printed from your choice of PLA colors.   These fit the RC Addict figures (may have to unscrew the legs from the male, his boots are too big).

These actually float and function and they are a great accessory for any scale truck.

All design credit goes to Ossum Designs: webpage http://www.ossum.co.za or  facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ossumdesigns )

These are a little over an 8 hour print in 2 parts.  You will have to glue them together with super glue or something similar.  There are holes to line up the 2 halves.  I usually cut a QTip stick and use that to align it and glue it with CA or super glue.  They are printed to order so please allow up to 2-4 weeks for shipping.

NOTE: This item is 3D printed. Due to the nature of 3D FDM printing this item may contain tiny visual blemishes and may require some trimming and detail
painting for optimal visual appeal/fit. Similar to what you would expect to do with model parts.