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Scorpios - 2.2" (5.25" OD) - Crawler Tire

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JConcepts unveils an all-new 2.2” all-terrain scaling tire from their design department especially for class 3 crawler truck competition. The Scorpios, scale looking tread, extra tall size, and profile, jump out as the most obvious features. Starting by analyzing the tread, the design team focused on a closely knit tread and arranging them in a pattern closely resembling a 1:1 scale tire. The padded arrangement of tread makes the tire ideal for transitioning from the hard road to dirt and then into rocky and uneven terrain. Once power is applied to the vehicle, the tread spacing opens which allows for some deep digging making it a great working tire in dirt and muddy conditions.


The new tire is designed for the incredible and extremely capable class 3 vehicles which top out at the 5.25” overall size diameter. Each tread block has finely cut edges with a healthy radius where the block meets the tire body. Each block features slight cuts on top to open and create some sling space while the outer most lug extends down the sidewall to stiffen the upper carcass and increase the pinch grip. The flexibility of the green compound combined with the close arrangement gives the tire a grippy feel but still maintains all important looks. 


The large overall height provides plenty of ground clearance for an abundance of terrain and internal grid ribbing helps maintain its upright structure during hard loads and on power bursts. The tires include a medium open cell foam insert capable of standing up the super soft compound but flexible enough for sharp terrain. Look for genuine JConcepts logos, lettering, packaging, and rubber compounding before any purchase. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic products. The product is always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style and authenticity. JConcepts is, World Proven Innovation and Design – since 2003.



  • Tight knit design, 1:1 inspired
  • 2.2” bead mounting diameter, for class 3 competition
  • Size: ˜ 133mm | 5.25” OD / 44mm | 1.75" wide
  • Super Soft, Green compound
  • Large sidewall lugs for pinch grip
  • Open lug cuts and slits for extra edges
  • Gridded carcass internal ribbing for hard loads
  • Includes medium, open cell insert