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SVT Panhard Reinforcement Bracket for Axial SCX10 III

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There's lots to like about the new Axial SCX10 III, but the Panhard mount on the stock AR45 portal axle housing could use a little help.  We've designed our Panhard reinforcement bracket to bolt right onto the stock housing with no modifications, making installation a snap.  And it's made of CNC machined aluminum to withstand whatever you can throw at it out on the rocks and trails.

Package includes:

  • Panhard reinforcement bracket
  • 1x M3 x 8mm flat head screw
  • 1x M3 x 20mm flat head screw

Installation notes:

  • Start by removing right front tire. Then remove screw securing right front shock and lower link to the axle housing.
  • Unscrew panhard mount from axle housing.
  • Snap panhard reinforcement bracket onto front of axle housing around existing panhard mount so that secondary screw hole is visible through the hole in the axle housing truss.
  • Use M3 x 8mm flat head screw to secure bracket to axle housing through hole in axle housing truss (thread lock recommended).
  • Use M3 x 20mm flat head screw to attach panhard to axle (do NOT use thread lock).  Make sure that screw threads all the way into panhard reinforcement bracket.