3D print service - Shock Mounts For Longer Travel Suspension fits Traxxas TRX4

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Traxxas TRX4 Shock Mounts For Longer Travel Suspension

by Eficker

*** Please note: You are paying only for the printer time and filament and a kick back to the thingiverse designer. We did not design this part and we are not profiting off of it.  We can not warrant it, but we will do our best to print it at the highest quality for our customers.***

I LOVE my TRX4, and even in stock form it performs admirably. I wanted to see what would happen with some longer shocks and relocated top mount points. The end result was an extra 3cm of full flex travel over stock. This is with 90mm front shocks and 100mm rear. I am using the RC4WD King shocks with the faux reservoir, however, without the resevoir there would be less interference with parts of the chassis. As these came off another truck, I'll be using the non reservoir shocks.

I haven't hit the trail with it yet, but with some tuning I'm confident this will out perform most stockish trucks. You may be able to see some gains even with the stock shocks, but I did not test this.

No modifications are required to fit these to the chassis. In order to use these mounts with the stock body, you will have to clearance parts of the inner fender. I re-used most of the fasteners, but I would probably recommend getting slightly longer ones to ensure full engagement where it threads in as it is all plastic.

I am using a 540 can motor, so if you have the stock 550 motor there is a possibility that it will interfere with the front left mount. Someone let me know on this.

UPDATE: I added a v2 for the front mounts. The "hook" on the bottom of the mount that prevented the mount from flexing away from the frame rail under compression was a little weak (although I never had any issues with it). I widened that "hook" and modified the design slightly to improve strength. Those are denoted as "v2" in the stl list.